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Frequently Asked Questions

No more than the any computer, tablet or all-in one computer and internet and web browser.

Do take note to use the time clock feature you need to purchase a time clock.

To print receipts, you need to have a thermal printer that is capable of handling ESC code and pre-stored images, or just purchase one with your package.

A bar code scanner is nice if you would like to add/scan lines into invoice faster
A Merchant Terminal or Credit Card Reader that works with Truck Wash POS.

We have simple solutions to full no liability terminals we are a merchant provider and can build you package to work out of the box.

Depending on the provider and equipment and their wiliness to work with us we can fully integrate any merchant solution into your POS for a fee or you are more than welcome to try it yourself under Maintain Merchant there is an option Other that can be used instead of our predefined code modules.

Your merchant will need to be up to date with the times and provide a server API endpoint for your preexisting equipment we can work with this again for a fee we can discuss upon your package purchase.

We can work with small or big companies

You can start with a monthly subscription that is based on how many branches and features you would like this will be a monthly fee forever and can change as branches and features are added or removed form you package. This licensing method you do not have to worry about a hosting server or anything we provide everything in one package; however, you will need to have the correct hardware that can be purchased separately, or maybe you own some hardware that will work.

If you would prefer a Perpetual license meaning you do not have monthly fees, we can see your needs and make a package that will require a large payment up front and monthly payments on terms of 1 to 3 years, after the payments are complete your license will change to a Perpetual license and no more payments are required. We can provide the server at a monthly cost or you can provide one and we will fully set it up for you this is included in the package/agreement cost

On any type of licensing or agreement between Truck Wash POS and you, you will never own the source code or be able to alter it without contacting us first and requesting an alteration or customization to your POS system at a fee.

Your data is secured in a SQL Database server side and you have nothing to worry about with 3 automatic backups daily for 7 days a week.

This backup plan can be adjusted based on your needs; however, you are allotted only some much disk space.


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